Lego Appocalypse No More!

Mom’s! If there is lego explosion in your childs room or you need a flexible storage solution, go get this great shelf from Ikea. It holds SOOO much stuff and transformed my oldest boy’s room. There are three different sizes of bins to choose from to best suit your needs. Best $100 bucks ever spent, lol.

It was soooo easy to put together, it’s sturdy and not to heavy to move after all built. I easily moved it myself.

Before we got this shelf there was lego everywhere in Wyatt’s room. In addition to the Lego there were random toys that needed a good home to hang out too. I had been looking everywhere for a shelf and then a lightbulb went off to check Ikea…why I didn’t do that first? Not sure! Probably because we live 5hrs from it, but anyways! This bin literally transformed his room. We have a smaller house and we don’t have a play room, so the boys’ toys are in their bedrooms. Wyatt just needed an easy to use system, and the slide out bins do just that!

I highly suggest you go get this if you need a sleek and good looking shelving that provides ample storage solutions.

Have an awesome day!!!!


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