Happy Birthday!

I tried a new recipe today! We had Ryan’s mom over for dinner, it was her 60th birthday earlier this week. I love making cakes and I made this yummy lemon mouse sponge cake.
Here is the recipie I used: https://www.foodnetwork.ca/recipe/lemon-mousse-cake/2647/
I replaced the all purpose flour with the Robin Hood brand gluten free flour though, turned out awesome! Not the prettiest edge, but oh well, for a first attempt at this kind of cake I was happy with the end result 🙂

I do have a couple tips though if you choose to make this cake:

– make the sponge first so it has lots of time to cool. I made the cake and then immediately made the mousse. Well, I had to put the mousse in the fridge so it didn’t flop on me. However that resulted in the gelatin setting up a bit, not a big deal, but you then had to spread it more.

– Also, I would suggest not trimming down the cake to 6″. It left too much mousse on the outside edge of the sponge and not very much on the cake itself in between the layers. You could essentially just not worry about trimming down the cake and put the mousse in between the layers (and of course on the top) it would turn out great that way too.

– When it tells you to soften the gelatin, put the ingredients it calls for in a small saucepan. I ended up having to scrape it out of a measuring cup into the sauce pan. Not a huge deal, but the gelatin sets up the lemon juice and it is a bit messy getting it out of the cup.

Those are a few pointers of mine! Hope you have success with the cake if you make it!

Looking forward to hearing your experiences!

Do you love to bake?

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